Websites – Digital Learning Culture

  • 5 Internet Sites (with a description) that inform how technology can help provide a rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning environment.
Internet Site Description
1.    WebQuests – The Making of A Good Journey This internet site explains how to incorporate WebQuests into the classroom. Designed to engage students in Internet-based tasks that require higher-order thinking skills, WebQuests can range from a simple one class period activity to an extended group project that can take all semester. You can create your own using a template or visit one of the many sites that have teacher-created WebQuests ready for your use.
2.    9 insightful videos about using SMART Boards in the Classroom This internet site provides clear instruction on how to set up and get started using SMART Boards. If you’ve never heard of them, or if you’re looking for information about what one can do for your classroom, this article and its accompanying videos should help. When it comes to SMART Boards, seeing these demonstrations may be the best way to realize their potential usefulness in the classroom.
3.    7 Fun Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom to Enrich Learning This internet site briefly describes seven ways to enrich learning experiences with technology integration.
4.    The Center for Implementing Technology in Education This internet site offers a wealth of resources for implementing technology in the classroom. Specific sites for teachers and administrators answer questions about improving classroom practice with evidence-based strategies and also provide information regarding legal and safety issues to be aware of when planning for technology integration in the classroom.
5.    The Wired Classroom This internet site explains what a wired classroom is and what it looks like operationally. This site answers basic questions about computer integration, from classroom equipment needs and layout to effective instructional practices using computers.

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